A movement for change by overseas Pakistanis

25 Feb

PAKISTAN ImageREDEFINED MOVEMENT® — An effort by overseas Pakistanis


Empowering a common Pakistani through measures resulting in freedom from economic & mental slavery and corruption.


To curb injustice, poverty, unemployment, corruption and illiteracy from Pakistan.


Inviting overseas Pakistanis all over the world as well as patriotic Pakistanis inside to collect at a platform to join hands to bring about a positive change in the current deteriorating situation inPakistan in terms of law & order, economy and literacy.

It is a movement by overseas Pakistanis, who feel, “enough is enough” & want to change the country into something they will be proud to hand over to their children tomorrow. If you think we are right you must join this movement. It is not a trivial task, it a national movement of the educated masses who have so far tolerated the mishandling but now have fully realized that our rulers have a vested interest – the corruption !

This movement has been sparked off by an ordinary citizen, just like any of you, who woke up to this need and is now calling you out to join hands.

 This is a movement to light up the fire in the heart of every Pakistani citizen, residing in Pakistanor abroad, to be awakened -“to Exercise honesty and only honesty, know their Rights & Fulfill their Obligations & Responsibilities to remove corruption, deliver justice and spread the fragrance of literacy”. This fire can “Purify the Good & Destroy the Bad” – a “Jazba” which can resurrect our Pakistan into a developed Islamic atomic power.

This movement currently is non-political with intentions to collect people under one umbrella to act as a pressure group to streamline the prevailing matters in Pakistan’s current scenario and which, as needed, will align with right causes and people to achieve the common goal.

 All we ask is for DONATION – donation of your time only. Each one of you can be a Leader – just motivate the people around you to join this movement and be a part of the problem-solving campaign. If you are an expert in a certain field please let us know and volunteer to be a part of the Central Talent Pool at www.pakistanredefined.com. You will get represented on national as well as international level and will help us to sort out major issues of the people in your domain and to formulate intelligent solutions to the problems of the society as a whole.

We are an evolving movement and plan to evolve as we come across challenges.

Please act now and do not leave your future in the hands of these corrupt so-called “leaders”

Please join us at:  www.pakistanredefined.com  and at facebook: www.facebook.com/pakistanredefined

alternatively you may comment here or email us your suggestions as to how you want to see Pakistan Redefined Movement taking care of your rights ?



Email: sg@pakistanredefined.com


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25 Feb

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